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ServeRx® Software

3AM Technologies software solutions help your healthcare facility track and dispense the right medications accurately, on time and around the clock. Our hardware comes installed with our Foundation Software™ and the ability to build customized medication management systems for your facility.

The Foundation Software™ Suite automates and communicates with the hardware components providing the basic capability of medication removal. The Foundation Software™ Suite also automates the management of critical metrics, including medication error rate reduction, controlled substance management, documentation, billing accuracy, and reduction in inventory cost. This software assures secure access control and enables integrated workflows throughout the hospital or learning environment. It is flexible in teaching scenarios with a simulated eMAR and the potential to work alongside a simulated EHR.

ServeRx® Foundation Software™ is comprised of several modules that serve as the infrastructure for all other software and hardware elements.

The Interface Engine Module

Seamlessly integrate the ServeRx® system with any proprietary or HIS system. Inclusive of ADT billing and orders interfaces, ServeRx® reduces data entry and allows the system to fit neatly into any hospital environment. This module is the gateway to interface to external systems via the Microsoft BizTalk integration platform.

Reporting Module

Pre-defined with customized clinical, operational and logistical reports, this module helps spot errors, fraud, and waste. This will significantly improve your facility’s ability to manage:

  • Controlled substances
  • Expiration dates
  • Stock refill
  • Reorder levels
  • Patient specific medication information 

The Workflow & Scheduling Module

Customized workflow and scheduling configurations streamlines work for nurses and pharmacists with individual hospital workflows and procedures. This module Increases efficiency leaving more time for patient care and allows for seamless management of patient administration, such as temporary patient admitting, order transfers, order merge and many other key workflows such as:

  • Order review by pharmacy
    • Authorization and approval of medication orders
    • Rejection of medication orders (automatic discontinue)
  • Order scheduling
    • Automatic recommendation of the patient's medication administration schedule from preformatted templates
    • Construction of a med-pass by grouping patient's scheduled orders to desired med-pass intervals
  • Medication dispensing
    • PRN orders removal
    • Med-pass preparation of scheduled items

Workflow and Scheduling software provides simple and comprehensive views of patient data and workflows. Medication schedules and patient history display on one easy-to-view screen, while another screen provides a high-level view of all patients and their respective scheduled orders. Safeguards are in place to ensure the right patient receives the right medication and dose via the right route at the right time.

Catalog Management Module

Plan, manage and control the customer's master item list for both medications and supplies. This module’s system manages information such as bar code labels, generic substances, dosage form, NDC code, inventory levels, etc.

Inventory Management Module

Control and simplify the entire pharmaceutical inventory. This module manages items that are stored in the automated dispensing cabinets as well as items stored elsewhere in the facility with the following capabilities:

  • Item refill, dispense, waste, return, count and item expiration
  • Minimum, maximum levels and recommended normal order
  • Stock levels for each stored item
  • Automatic alerts upon reaching low/critical low levels of stock
  • Automatic creation of purchase orders for restocking

Order Entry Module

Complete patient records allow the user to enter Rx orders, clinical tests orders and nursing instructions at the patient's bedside, via mobile device or at the doctor's office using a standard computer workstation. Equipped with a Computerized Physicians Order Entry (CPOE), eliminate transcription errors. Other features include documenting patient allergies, medication sensitivities and other pertinent information about the patient.

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