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About 3AM

Whether in the clinic, recovery room or simulation environment, 3AM Technologies provides the infrastructure needed to care for patients and train future healthcare providers. Our SimServeRx® system equips educational institutions to train future healthcare providers on effective medication management practices in simulation environments. The ServeRx® system brings safety and security to healthcare facilities with integrated software that reduces inventory costs and medication error rates. 3AM Technologies was founded in 2010 with the mission of providing medication management services with pride, honesty and vigilance.


We take pride in our company, products and customer service. Our team has 35 years combined experience in the pharmaceutical management industry, allowing us to bring our experience and personalized expertise to each of our clients.

If our products and outstanding customer service do not exceed your expectations we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We stand by you to make sure performance is of the highest quality standards.


In 1599, Sir Edwin Sandys of the Virginia Company penned the proverb "Honesty is the best policy." 3AM Technologies subscribes to that philosophy, and that is why honesty is rooted in the core of our company.

Our mission is to serve you with honesty and integrity therefore, we fully disclose the capabilities, construction, and cost of our technologies. We are here to help your hospital or simulation environment as you teach and provide service to others.


Every morning as the sun rises, the rooster crows. Our technology and team offer the same trust and dependability. At 3AM Technologies, you can be assured that we provide support when it matters most.

We believe consistency, dependability and trust are three main components of vigilance. Therefore, each piece of technology we provide meets those standards any time day or night, even at 3AM.

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3AM Technologies has a staff of highly trained, experienced and qualified technicians ready to address the needs of your staff 24/7. For immediate support, call (800) 326-7656 or submit an online request by clicking the button below.

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