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High Value Systems With High Value Savings

Whether in the clinic, recovery room or simulation environment, 3AM Technologies provides the infrastructure you need to care for your patients or train future healthcare providers.

ServeRx SmartCart ESS
ServeRx® SmartCart ESS

Flexible and modular bedside solutions that include the SmartCart ESS, eMAR, barcode-based medication administration and bedside documentation.

Dispensing Cabinets
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ServeRx® Dispensing Cabinets

Wide variety of storage capabilities controlled by ServeRx® Foundation software.

Supply Cabinets
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ServeRx® Supply Cabinets

Unique cabinets and modular shelving layouts to accommodate your supply needs.

Mobile Solutions
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Mobile Solutions

Versatile options to meet your facility or learning environment specifications.

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Industry-standard hardware meets innovative solutions. Our hardware solutions keep up with fast-paced hospital and simulation environments to help you manage patient care or train the next generation of healthcare providers.


3AM provides innovative and easy to use software to meet the constantly changing needs of hospitals and simulation environments. Fully integrated software modules treat and train all in the best closed-loop system.


Every piece of software and hardware is backed by 3AM’s world-class, 24/7 support. 24/7 support includes highly trained technicians here to help you succeed!


3AM Technologies' solutions equip you and your staff to care for and serve your patients with
pride, honesty and vigilance.

24/7 Support

3AM Technologies has a staff of highly trained, experienced and qualified technicians ready to address the needs of your staff 24/7. For immediate support, call (800) 326-7656 or submit an online request by clicking the button below.

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