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ServeRx® Bedside SmartCart ESS

ServeRx® provides flexible and modular bedside solutions that include the Bedside SmartCart ESS, eMAR, barcode-based medication administration and bedside documentation. Our bedside solution uses the Bedside SmartCart ESS to provide automated medication dispensing and assurance of the Five Rights of Medication Administration at the patient's bedside. The prescribed and pharmacy approved medication is transferred from the medication cabinet to the patient's specific drawer in the Bedside SmartCart ESS. Only when the patient's barcode is scanned, can this drawer be opened and the medication administered. The ServeRx® software allows the nurse to include any notes documenting the administration.

The incorporation of our Foundation Software makes this Bedside SmartCart ESS ideal for hospitals looking for a solution to various medication management scenarios. The ServeRx® Advanced Bedside SmartCart ESS offers safe medication distribution from the start of dispensing medication, accounting for medication inventory, to when the medication is scanned at the bedside and administered to the patient.


  • Open architecture for supporting multiple eMAR platforms
  • Multiple size and number of drawer or shelf configurations
  • Advanced ergonomics
  • Wireless (WiFi & Bluetooth)
  • Barcode reader
  • Biometric reader for user identification

ServeRx® Hardware Specifications

3am ServeRx SmartCart ESS and Dispensing Cabinet Chart

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