ServeRx System Pharmacy Management System

ServeRx™ Pharmacy Management System is a complete medication management system consisting of automation software, medication cabinets, supply cabinets, bedside solutions, computerized order entry devices and more. Together they provide a unique closed loop solution for medication management from order entry to medication administration. The intuitive user interface of the ServeRxâ„¢ system is easy to learn and roll out to users. Its modular design allows you to customize the system according to your needs. Utilize the entire closed loop system or elect the individual components most relevant to your facility.

The ServeRx™ Pharmacy Management System ensures the Five Rights of Medication Administration by reducing human error and increasing patient safety. Our intelligent software drives cost efficiency into the medication management process while providing more time for patient care and an in-depth view of all issues surrounding medication storage and delivery. Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals today and tomorrow, our solutions manage medication administration on a platform that is easy to use, maintain and expand. ServeRx™, along with its suite of medication administration component tools, delivers a safe, smart and simple medication management solution.


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